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i'm using eclipse-link 2 & have 3 entities: Parent, Child & ChildInfo. Parent has onetomany to Child. Child has 1to1 to ChildInfo.

  1. i want to get a Parent with all children object in one call "select P from Parent left join fetch P.children where P.id=:id" this will only give result when P has at least 1 child (i thought it's a left outer join)

  2. i want to have also all the children & belongings childinfos with 1 call as jpa doesnt support navigation p.children.childinfo, is there any way to achieve that ? using hints(QueryHints.FETCH, "P.children.info") is not a good option as if i have over 1000 children there'll over 1 thousands of sql-queries fired to get the children info. i also dont want to give Child.childinfo eager-fetch option but rather only at query-level.

thanx alot

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The first query (once fixed) should definitely return the parent and its children, even if it doesn't have any:

select p from Parent p left join fetch p.children where p.id = :id

To fetch the childInfos, you need to assign an alias to the child:

select p from Parent p 
left join fetch p.children child
left join fetch child.childInfo
where p.id = :id

I have no concrete experience with EclipseLink, but such a query definitely works in Hibernate, and is, AFAIK, valid JPQL. So it should work in EclipseLink.

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