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I have a table with large amounts of BLOB data in a column. I am writing a utility to dump the data to file system. But before dumping, I need to check if necessary space is available on the disk to export all the blob fields throughout the table.

Please suggest an efficient approach to get size of all the blob fields in the table.

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You can use the MySQL function OCTET_LENGTH(your_column_name). See here for more details.

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OCTET_LENGTH() is a synonym for LENGTH(). The other answers from juergen and oluf that sum it up are probably what you are looking fo.r –  Moak Apr 22 at 19:25
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select sum(length(blob_column)) as total_size 
from your_table
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Thanks for the reply. The size as indicated by above query is lower than the total size of dumped files on disk. Any idea about what could be the reason? –  jatinpreet May 18 '12 at 10:24
@jatinpreet: My guess is that this is because of file clustering in file systems. Depending on your file systems files will be saved in blocks of 4KB for instance. That might round things up. But that is just a guess. –  juergen d May 18 '12 at 10:29
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select sum(length(blob_column_name)) from desired_tablename;
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