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i need to know what key code of Command button in mac keyboard, do somebody know how to get it programmatically?

can i get the key code if user tap button Command + X (cut shortcut)? thank you for the suggestion

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I'm going to assume here that you're dealing with NSEvents generated by the AppKit framework.

In NSEvent's documentation, take a look at the modifierFlags method.

And the flag you're lookng for is specifically the NSCommandKeyMask.

Now, to get it, if you have a NSView view in focus... it inherits from NSResponder. One of the methods in NSResponder is keyDown. So add a keyDown method to your subclassed view and the parameter it takes is a NSEvent. And that is how you would get your command button key.

BTW & FYI, if you just want to get the command key by itself (which is what I suspect), that's a bigger trick and I'm not sure if it's possible with AppKit. Because the command key, like the control and shift keys, are modifier keys and that means when events get generated, NSEvent is expecting two keys to be pressed at the same time (e.g. Command + Q for Quit, Control + C for interrupt, Shift + A for capital A).

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thank you for the answer @Michael, can you tell me how to get it code? can you give me an example? –  R. Dewi May 18 '12 at 8:18
I added some more detail to my answer (you can catch a NSEvent happening by subclassing your view and implementing your own keyDown method). I hope this helps you out. –  Michael Dautermann May 18 '12 at 8:41

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