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I am using Google Maps Javascript API v3 and the Chrome browser. I will be rendering a large number of simple (two point) Polylines on a map. Has anyone encountered any upper limit in terms of numbers of Polyines before browser performance starts to become an issue?

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Well, that really depends on the Computer running the browser. Anyway, do you have an expected upper bound of polyline numbers? Also, there is a great different between browsers. Chrome is much, much faster rendering polylines than IE, for instance –  psousa May 19 '12 at 6:42

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If you are using Google Maps Javascript API v3 with large layers then Google is rendering layers for you but there is a file size limit.

When simple KML files are loaded via GGeoXml and client-side, browser-based feature rendering is chosen, GOverlay-based objects are created and added to the map, triggering addoverlay events accordingly. On the other hand, when large KML files are loaded with GGeoXml and server-side rendering is invoked, these objects are not created and addoverlay is not triggered.

But there is geoxml3 which uses your computer resources, not Google's.

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