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I am developing an application where I have done with associating an application with myApp.. I have completed with this, now whenever there is a .csv file as an attachment of email, then again It is giving me an option to open with --> myApp.

but here I am confused with, when I should click on that option of myApp, It come back to myApp and open my application, but here I think I need to download that file, save it into sdcard and then access the data of that csv file. The below code I am using to get the file path when we click on the email attachement option of "Open with myAPP"

    final android.content.Intent intent = getIntent ();

   if (intent != null)
      android.util.Log.d ("file,intent!=null", "> Got intent : " + intent);

      final data = intent.getData ();

      if (data != null)
         android.util.Log.d ("file,data!=null", "> Got data   : " + data);

         String filePath1 = data.getEncodedPath ();

         android.util.Log.d ("file,data!=null2", "> Open file  : " + filePath1);

         // file loading comes here.
      } // if
   } // if
   android.util.Log.d ("- onStart", "- onStart");
    catch(Exception e)

Anyone pls help me on that..

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Could you please clarify your question? Are you asking "How can I have a file automatically open in my application when it's attached to an email?" – Bart May 18 '12 at 8:22
Yes.. I want to open file in my application. I have already attached that file extention with email i.e .csv – Kanika May 18 '12 at 8:24

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