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In C# is it possible to create a model of entities regardless of the database initially. Are there tools to create graphic entities in this way? What do you recommend?

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Well, it's in your question as a tag - entity framework is a good tool for this. You can create classes, that you push later to the database.

Search for "code-first". Google will provide plenty of results I'm sure.

Edit based on the comment:

Well, in that case, try this: when you're creating edmx file, pick the second option - empty model.

From its description:

Creates an empty model as a starting point for visually designing a conceptual model from the toolbox. Classes are generated from the model when the project is compiled. You can specify a database connection later to map the conceptual model to the storage model.

this may be the thing you want then.

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I would like to avoid "code-first". I'm looking for something like model first or EDMX first (without mapping). – B413 May 18 '12 at 8:41

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