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I am trying to submit XQuery queries to an Oracle 11g database through their XQJ API.

When I instantiate an oracle.xquery.xqj.OXQDataSource as explained in, I can submit queries fine except that I haven't found how I can set up the server connection (server name, port, username, password, ...) info:

  • This datasource claims that it doesn't support setting any property.
  • It doesn't implement the data source constructor which takes a JDBC connection.
  • I don't see any non standard method to set such info.
  • When I try to access some random collection like collection("oradb:/foo") I just get an empty result set even when no server is running, suggesting that the driver doesn't even try to connect.

What have I missed and how can I set the server connection info?



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Thanks to Charles Foster I can answer to my own question: the XQJ implementation from Oracle is an old standalone version from January 2010 that is pretty useless and doesn't interact with Oracle databases.

Despite all the Oracle statements about XQJ, I haven't been able to find any client/server XQJ implementation (except one from DataDirect of course) and the way to submit XQuery queries to Oracle databases appears to be through JDBC, embedded in PL-SQL statements.

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It is possible in 12.

XQJ to run queries in Java:

XQJ to run queries against the database:

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