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i have a short amount of configuration data (not enough to use a table in the database) and i wanted to keep it in a YAML file. Since Symfony uses this format in a lot of parts of the libray i guess is not hard to read an *.yml file and have this information in an action.

My YAML file looks like this: is a hierarchy menu definition

    menu: menu1
        menu: submenu1.1
            link: link1
        menu: submenu1.2
        link: link2
        link: link3
    menu: menu2
        menu: submenu2.1
            link: link4

what i want to get is a php array with the hierarchy of menus, submenus and links

I tried this:

$myYaml = sfYaml::load('<path-to-my-yaml-file>');

but when i echo , print_r or var_dump it in a template only show "1". :S I'm sure that i load a file because the function is_file('path-to-my-yaml-file'); returns true.

So, have anyone had good results with that? Thank you very much :)

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Is your yaml file valid ? No tab, etc ..

Did you tried with an other yaml file, like this one and see what the php array is?

I used to manually load a yaml in an actions, I do:

$database = sfYaml::load(dirname(__FILE__).'/../config/databases.yml');
$param    = $database['all']['doctrine']['param'];

And it workds perfectly. I think, if the load return only 1 it means it failed or sth is wrong with the file.

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oh! the yml i was loading had no a valid format. I tried to load the databases.yml document and generates the php array correctly. Thanks – Andreu Heineken May 18 '12 at 12:22

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