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How do i share branches and labels created in type explorer between two Vobs in ClearCase 7

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You need to link those two vobs with a common admin vob, in order to define global types.

The Rational® ClearCase® global type facility makes it easy for you to ensure that the branch, label, attribute, hyperlink, and element types they need are present in all VOBs your project use.

See "VOB datatypes and administrative VOB hierarchies".

vob hierarchy

In general, all operations on a global type or a local copy of a global type apply to the global type and all its local copies.

Most cleartool type-creation commands (see Predefined and user-defined type objects) support a -global option, which creates a global type object. The following command creates a global label type in VOB \admin:

cleartool mklbtype -c "final label for REL6" -global REL6@\admin 
Created label type "REL6".
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Thanks. Problem was with the Vob hierarchy and it is solved. – Abhi May 24 '12 at 6:45

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