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I am using this widget and wanted to make some changes. I have defined attrs.xml to be able to control the color of the text, etc. from the XML definition. However my custom attributes are not being recognized (the error is: No resource identifier found for attribute 'ptrContainerBackground' in package 'eu.erikw'). I have already used my custom views defined in other library projects and everything has worked well so far. Could you please help solve the problem?

Here is my attrs.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<declare-styleable name="eu.erikw.PullToRefreshListView">
    <attr name="ptrContainerBackground" format="integer"/>
    <attr name="ptrArrow" format="integer"/>
    <attr name="ptrTextColor" format="integer"/>
    <attr name="ptrTextSize" format="integer"/>

And here is the view definition in the layout file:

<eu.erikw.PullToRefreshListView xmlns:ptr=""
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1) Try to clean your project, and build again, and/or

2) check whether eu.erikw is the right package in


This should be


where your_package_name is your application package defined in your AndroidManifest.xml

3) Do not use dot(s) in

declare-styleable name="eu.erikw.PullToRefreshListView">

as this would make difficult to retrieve attrs in Java code.

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