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I'm using Fancybox 2 with iframes and I'm not experienced in JQuery. I have different classes for styling iframes and I want to do some general settings with JS.

I can call one specific iframe-class with:


So I need something like:


In the official demo of fancybox 2 it's described, that the class "fancybox.iframe" will set the type to iframe. This works with the following html:

<a class="fancybox.iframe my_iframe" href="iframe.html" title="test">My Iframe</a>

what I want is to set default settings for every iframe and some specific settings for only some iframes, so I don't have to set new settings for every classname that changes...

thx for your help!


Here's an example what I want:

I've two links:

<li><a class="fancyframe" href="iframe.html" title="Dies ist ein iframe... sehr schön!">Iframe</a></li>
<li><a class="fancyframe my_iframe" href="iframe.html" title="Dies ist ein iframe... sehr schön!">My Iframe</a></li>

And two JS:

    type : 'iframe',

    width       : '75%',
    height      : '75%',
    autoScale   : false,
    // etc...

The second one (.my_iframe) should get the settings of .fancyframe (in this case the type). .fancyframe would than be the reference for my default iframe settings.

Is this possible? Thx!

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You can have a class for your style and one for fancybox. You may skip the class fancybox.iframe and set the type within you custom fancybox script so

<a class="fancybox my_iframe" ...

where fancybox class is used to fire fancybox and the (changing) my_iframe class for styling

then this script will open the iframe

 width: 640, // or whatever
 height: 320,
 type: "iframe"
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I edited the quesetion... but if there is no easy solution I'll rewrite the default settings in every specific JS... it's not that much :) – Toby May 21 '12 at 15:08

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