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I have a cascading dropdown with jQuery which is using PHP to retrieve its values. I am trying to nail it so that it works in all situations. Basically it should do the following:

  • Populate child when parent is selected
  • Parent is sticky so if the page is refreshed child should again auto populate based on the parent value in the $_POST array.
  • If possible I would also like child to be sticky so that the child would also be selected and not just re-populated when the page is reloaded.

Here is what I have so far:

$("#parent_id").change(function() {
    $("#child_id").html("<option value=\"\">-- Select One --</option>");
    var p_id = $(this).val();
    if(p_id != 0) {
        $.getJSON('./php/includes/child_web_service.php?p_id=' + p_id,function(data) {   
            $.each(data, function() {

if(isset($_POST['parent_id']) && $_POST['parent_id'] != ""){
echo "$(\"#parent_id\").val(" . $_POST['parent_id'] . ").trigger('change');";

Any suggestions on making this more robust would be appreciated. Thanks

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Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use bind and trigger to populate child when parent is selected
  • Store $_POST in a variable to make the parent sticky, and use a ctype to validate it
  • Use a fragment identifier to append child to URL, then bind event to read the value and make child sticky on reload
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