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--EDIT: This is now SOLVED.

I want one button to do multiple js commands, e.g.

$nextButton = $form->addButton('Next');

to do:




The example code here suggests that you nest the commands in the 2nd paramater of the js call like this:

$g->addButton('Show all buttons')->js('click',$b1->js(null,$b2->js(null,$b3->js()->show())->show())->show());

I think this is very ugly and will create code that is very difficult to follow for more than 2 commands.

I looked in the source and found the _prepend command, which I've used to solved my problem by doing this:


EDIT: I just looked at the source of js() and it appears that you can pass an array to js which calls the _prepend method for each item in the array - nice!:

$form->js(null, array(

--SOLVED (but perhaps the example I linked to could be updated with this much better functionality)

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It is explained here:


The examples will be revised very shortly, we're working on a new example site.

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