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I have written one controller class, in which i am writing one request mapping method which in turn will call another method with request mapping (but this time with some path variable)

Exception encountered: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "{50}"

Controller class :

public class CompanyController {

....other code.........

    public String saveCompany(Map<String, Object> map, @ModelAttribute("company")
    Company company, BindingResult result)

        map.put("success", "success");


        return "redirect:/companyAddressSave/{"+company.getId()+"}.do";

    public String saveAddressCompany(@PathVariable("id") String id,Map<String, Object> map, @ModelAttribute("company")
    Company company, BindingResult result)
    {   map.put("Success", "Success");
        map.put("company", companyService.getCompany(Long.parseLong(id)));
        return "add-compnay-master";


can anybody tell me if i am doing any mistake while passing path variable..??? thanks in advance..!

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Don't pass along the curly braces:

return "redirect:/companyAddressSave/"+company.getId()+".do";
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Thank you so much..it worked....!!!!!!!!1 –  JOHND May 18 '12 at 11:29

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