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I want to build a desktop application which searches for the number of people who are currently checked-in in a facebook place, something like an equivalent for the foursquare's hereNow.

I've searched quite a lot in the graph api but i can't find something that can help me. The only relative thing that i can take as a response for sure is the total checkins that have been made for a specific place. Does anyone know how and if what i look for can be done?

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Looks like you may be able to use FQL to get up to 500 checkins for a certain page or place ID. But it looks like the "here now" functionality may be left up to you, you may have to only display checkins with a timestamp within the last few hours.

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Thanks Thomas! I 've seen the opportunity FQL gives you to search for checkins in a specific place using its id, but unfortunately it returns only the checkins your friends have make or have been tagged to. The other thing you said is what i am actually working on right now. I try to get total checkins for a place in different timestamps (for example every hour) and calculate the difference for an estimation of how many people passed from the place through that hour. I will not take your answer as the right one for now in case we both missed something. Thanks again though! –  alex89 Jun 5 '12 at 13:57
Have you tried using FQL and using a page access_token instead of a user access_token this may show you all checkins instead of just friends. –  Thomas Welton Jun 6 '12 at 14:21
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