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How to hide complete column in dgrid (gridFromHtml) based on some run time parameter? Lets say if the value of parameter is true I should be able to display some column and if the value is false then I should be able to hide that same column.

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Use grid.styleColumn(columnId, css):

var grid = new Grid({
    store: store,
    columns: [
        { id: "artist", label: "Artist", field: "Artist"},
        { id: "name", label: "Song", field: "Name"},
        { id: "gerne", label: "Genre", field: "Genre"}
}, "grid-placeholder");

// to hide column with id="name"
grid.styleColumn("name", "display: none;");

// to show it
grid.styleColumn("name", "display: table-cell;");
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It'd be great if there was a parameter you could pass to the columns themselves that would make them hidden. is there any documentation out there on the params you can pass? –  streetlight Mar 13 at 16:42
Also, I've been getting the error "An invalid or illegal string was specified." When passing things in -- have you seen this before? –  streetlight Apr 1 at 18:33

Should think this will work

var grid = new dojox.grid.DataGrid({

    store: dataStore,
    structure: [{
        name: "ID",
        field: "id",
        width: "100px"
    }, {
        name: "Values",
        field: "values",
        width: "100px"
}, "myGrid");


function showOrHideColumn(show, widget, index) {
  var d = show ? "" : "none"
  dojo.query('td[idx="'+index+'"]', widget.viewsNode).style("display", d);
  dojo.query('th[idx="'+index+'"]', widget.viewsHeaderNode).style("display", d);

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The question is in regard to dGrid, not the dojox grid. github.com/SitePen/dgrid –  Craig Swing May 18 '12 at 11:16
styleColumn does 98% the same thing, its ok to set braincells into use :p –  mschr May 18 '12 at 21:05

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