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I have one webview that fits fullscreen and loads an html file. Then another html file is loaded and I would like to apply transition between those files. Possible? Switch between two views that contains another webview is not an option due to any other reasons. Thank you.

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You may insert a UIWebView inside a UIScrollView. Then when you have to load the new page, you create another UIWebView and its x will be the width of the current UIWebView, then addSubview the new UIWebView to the scrollview, and update the scrollview contentSize. Then call the method scrollRectToVisible:animated of scrollview to the frame of the new web view, this do the transition.
In addition, if you don't want to back to the previous page, you may destroy the previous UIWebview and reset the contentSize of the scrollview as it was initially.

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How "another html file is loaded"? By events in the first webpage?

If you are writing the html pages you could use jQuery mobile transition?

See here

Even if you are not writing the html pages you might be able to inject javascript for this.

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