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If am uploading a project by today. When can i upload my next version of the same application in the app-store? Can i upload it within 2 days from uploading the first version? I need to upload the next version immediately for some reasons. Is it possible to do with the app-store? I googled and read the apple guidelines but couldn't find the answer. Please help me for this query. Thanks in advance.

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You can add a new version as soon as the previously uploaded one has been either approved or denied. You can't upload a new one while the previous one is still under review.

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If you already have an updated version waiting for review, for example, then you cannot upload the next version until this one is live and becomes the new version.

In your situation, it sounds like you already have a version in review but you wish to submit an even more recent version; just developer reject the current version on iTunes Connect and then upload your other new version instead.

Hope this helps!

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You can reject a binary immediately after it is uploaded and waiting for review. Then you can submit a new version of the binary.

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