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I'd like to jazz up our map interface which uses microsoft's bing maps. I'm tired of the default blue control that you see on every page.

I'm not a graphic designer so I was wondering if anyone had created custom map controls which they wouldn't mind sharing with the community for commercial purposes.

I really like the one that harley-davidson developed here: http://rideplanner.harley-davidson.com/rideplanner/ridePlanner.jsp?locale=en_US

Harley Davidson Map Control As of June 30, 2009

Edit 1: Still am interested. Edit 2: Still interested...

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I think the DeepEarth project has a control that you can use inside your project. I'm not quite sure about licensing but I'm sure there are things that can be done with it. See: deepearth.codeplex.com –  Nicolas Boonaert Jan 30 '13 at 6:50

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If you are using JavaScript simple hide the default navigation controls using map options. Then overlay a div on top of the map using absolute positioning and create your custom navigation controls in there. The jQuery UI slider can be used as a zoom slider.

If you are using one of the other Bing Maps controls such as Silverlight, WPF or Windows 8, a similar process can be done by hiding the default controls and create custom ones in XAML.

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