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I am trying to post a picture on a page wall with this code:

string message = "Some message";
string picture = "";
string pageToken = "page access toke";
string pageId = "page id";
string PostUri = "{0}/feed?access_token={1}&";

var request = string.Format(PostUri, pageId, pageToken);

var sb = new StringBuilder();
sb.AppendFormat("picture={0}&", picture);
sb.AppendFormat("message={0}", message);

WebClient webClient = new WebClient();
webClient.Encoding = Encoding.UTF8;
webClient.Headers.Add("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");

var bytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(sb.ToString());

webClient.UploadData(request, bytes);

It is works for me. But posted image using graph api has smaller size than the image posted using regular facebook web interface. What should I change in this code to display image with larger size?

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Change it to source from picture

sb.AppendFormat("source={0}&", picture);

picture is used to thumbnails.

UPDATE You can also set height and width of the image

   sb.AppendFormat("height={0}&", 450);
   sb.AppendFormat("width={0}&", 450);
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