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I'm trying to create a page action extension in chrome. I have an html page corresponding to the popup that gets displayed on clicking the page action. I have included a script file popup.js in this html page. From this page I'm trying to send a message to a background js file background.js. The problem is that I'm calling sendRequest only once from popup.js but I'm receiving it in the background page multiple times. I'm doing a file action there which results in script errors because of concurrent access. I'm pasting the code related to message passing here

extension file - popup.js

chrome.extension.sendRequest({"intent" : "read"}, function (message) {

background page - background.js

var fileName = "credentials.txt";
var fileSystem;

function checkUrl(tabId, changeInfo, tab) {
    if(/https?:\/\/.*?\/olc/.test(tab.url)) {
        chrome.extension.onRequest.addListener(function (request, sender, callback) {

The listener is called 4 times in this case. The callback will be called the first time. The next 3 times it gives an error saying Could not send response: Cannot send a response more than once per chrome.extension.onRequest listener per document (message was sent by extension kaejjpmlibijbgbgcfodphlkcjjkmjlk). Can anyone help me with this?

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They're supposed to work only once.

You can either use the long-lived messaging system or reattach the same handler over and over again upon receiving the message from the content script.

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Use chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage(). You will have access to background page from yor popup. Or write to localStorage and use listener.

window.addEventListener('storage', function (e) {}, false);

You will have problems with memory leak if you will use chrome.extension.sendRequest for comunication between popup and background.html.

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