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I am using Telerik asp.net MVC 3 file control in my Razor view (Catalog/Product View) like this:

    .Async(async => async.Save("Save", "Catalog").AutoUpload(true))
    .ClientEvents(events => events

I have created an ActionResult like this:

 public ActionResult Save(IEnumerable<HttpPostedFileBase> orderImageAtachment, string CompID)
            // The Name of the Upload component is "attachments" 
            foreach (var file in orderImageAtachment)
                // Some browsers send file names with full path. This needs to be stripped.
                var fileName = Path.GetFileName(file.FileName);
                var physicalPath = Path.Combine(Server.MapPath("~/Content/Docs"), fileName);

                // The files are not actually saved in this demo
            // Return an empty string to signify success
            return Content("");

and client side functions like this:

  function onSuccess(e) {
        // Array with information about the uploaded files
        var files = e.files;

        if (e.operation == "upload") {
            alert("Successfully uploaded " + files.length + " files");

    function onError(e) {

        alert('Error in file upload');
        // Array with information about the uploaded files
        var files = e.files;

        if (e.operation == "upload") {
            alert("Failed to uploaded " + files.length + " files");

        // Suppress the default error message

I get select button which opens browse window. But clicking it does nothing.... I am not sure whats wrong. Do I need to add something in web.config? Please suggest.

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I'm a little confused at which point its not working, but I'm assuming its not hitting the action in your controller. I'd make sure you are trying a fairly small file, the default limit is 4mb.

Also it looks like the signature of your Save Action does not match the route you are giving it in the upload's async.Save(...). I'm not sure it will matter since its a string, but you might try removing the Save actions's CompID parameter (doesn't look like its used in the snippet at least).

I'd try using fiddler or the developer tools in whichever browser you are using to see if u are getting a 404 error by chance.

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