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I have a chart that looks like this:

I want to remove the text that is under the bars, "ödmjukhet", "engagemang" etc.. but I still want to display the categorie names on the labels when a user hover over the bars. How can I do this?

This is my code in C#

        Highcharts chart1 = new Highcharts("Chart")
        .SetXAxis(new XAxis { Categories = averageGrades.Select(averageGrade => averageGrade.CoreValue.Name).ToArray(), })
        .SetYAxis(new YAxis { Min = 0, Max = 10, TickInterval = 1, Title = new YAxisTitle { Text = "Betygskalan" } })
        .SetSeries(new Series { Data = data, Name = "Snittbetyg" })
        .SetLegend(new Legend { Enabled = false, Layout = Layouts.Horizontal})
        .SetTitle(new Title { Text = "" })
        .InitChart(new Chart { DefaultSeriesType = ChartTypes.Column, Height = 300, Width = 200});

And this is the code by javascript output code:

var Chart;
$(document).ready(function() {
    Chart = new Highcharts.Chart({
        chart: { renderTo:'Chart_container', defaultSeriesType: 'column', height: 300, width: 200 }, 
        legend: { enabled: false, layout: 'horizontal' }, 
        title: { text: '' }, 
        xAxis: { categories: ['Engagemang', 'Kompetens', 'Lönsamhet', 'Ödmjukhet'] }, 
        yAxis: { max: 10, min: 0, tickInterval: 1, title: { text: 'Betygskalan' } }, 
        series: [{ data: [{ color: '#FF9980', y: 4 }, { color: '#A6FF80', y: 8 }, { color: '#FF9980', y: 3 }, { color: '#A6FF80', y: 9 }], name: 'Snittbetyg' }]

Thanks in advance!

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 xAxis: { categories: ['Engagemang', 'Kompetens', 'Lönsamhet', 'Ödmjukhet'] }, 

from your code

OR add class into your style, if you want to keep on hover see DEMO

    display: none;
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I cant beacuse then they wont be on the label when someone hover over the bars – Obsivus May 18 '12 at 12:11
Answer edited. try it – Rab Nawaz May 18 '12 at 12:20

The best way of doing this is probably witht he built in label objecton the xaxis.

The following should do the trick without relying on overriding their styles as in Rab's answer. This is obviously preferred since the API is a lot more fixed than their HTML format.

xAxis: { 
    categories: ['Engagemang', 'Kompetens', 'Lönsamhet', 'Ödmjukhet'],
    labels: {enabled: false}
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