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While (symbol-function '1+) gives the function bound to symbol #<function 1+>, what is the way to get the symbol a particular function is bound to? Something like: (function-symbol #'1+) => '1+? Or will I have to search for it myself in the current package? (hope not...)



This is the prototype (but it doesn't work because I get errors if function is not defined but is bound - which I don't really understand)

(defun function-symbol (searched)
  (loop for f being the symbols in *package*
       do (format t "f: ~s~&" f)
       when (and (fboundp f)
         (eq searched (symbol-function f)))
       collect f))

MORE EDIT: It appears that symbol-value was throwing, removing that check seem to work, but I would still like to find out a better way.

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If you're asking what I think you're asking... it's the same as asking "which variable is 17?" – Amadan May 18 '12 at 12:14

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If your Common Lisp supports it, there is the ANSI Common Lisp function FUNCTION-LAMBDA-EXPRESSION. Its third value is the name.

Using LispWorks:

CL-USER 95 > (defun my-foo () )

CL-USER 96 > (nth-value 2 (function-lambda-expression #'my-foo))
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