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I have been spending days on finding a good library for using webDav on Android.

I tried "Sardine", which is just crashing down from the start (even with the httplib for Android), and some others libs. I finally came across a custom version of Jackrabbit for Android which contains essentials files and HttpClient 3.1 : http://ashimita.blogspot.fr/2011/05/using-jackrabbit-as-webdav-client-for.html

But i cannot get it working because my server is based on IIS7 with NTLMv2, and i cannot get a valid authentication on it. I read on some topics than i should be using JCIFS which support NTLMv2 autentication. But i didn't find a way to make it working. There might be some conflits because i'm using HttpClient 3.x with JackRabbits and JCIFS implementation is using HttpClient 4.x.

So i'm wondering, does any one has find a solution to use WebDav on Android in a proper way ? There are apps such as "AntTek" which are working on Android with WebDav and NTLMv2, so there must be solutions. I thinking about sending them an email but they probably won't share any hints.

I'll still be searching for the ultimate solution, but if anyone get the solution, it would be nice to share it :)

Regards, Clement.

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