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I'm encountering an issue that Selenium IDE seems not to record a specific event on a real webserver.

However, if I save the page (including all resources) via firefox entirely to disk, open the saved file in the browser and try to record the same issue, Selenium IDE now works correctly and records the event as expected.

I'm not sure what is causing this behavior - maybe some race conditions inside Selenium IDE exists (latencies from a real webserver are higher than on a local file URL), or maybe it has something to do with URLs - but these are only quick guesses.

Does anybody have some suggestions/best practices how to track down such kind of Selenium IDE issues?


I figured out my root issue, only with trial and error, but with succeess.
I filed a bug at the selemium project.

The reason why it locally worked was a file not found after form submit which not happened at the serverside. It seems that the file not found error strangely prevented the bug from occuring.

However, the main part of this question isn't really answered yet, next time I still do not know how to quickly track down such issues. So for now, I'll keep it open.

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Post an example. Give us a small html page, and a small Selenium IDE export, so we can try it and test it ourselves. There is no way at all to figure out what the issue is otherwise. – Arran May 18 '12 at 23:25

I have similar issue. The Selenium IDE does not record anything from this website "". You may not have credentials to get login access, but if you can get the login page itself recorded in Selenum IDE, then I think we can come to the root cause, or atleast get a clue.

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