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I want to show a WaitForm in the user and in the meantime do a long background operation.

I use a Thread for this job and get notified using an event on when the job has been completed.

In this scenario I want to integrate a DevExpress WaitForm.

This form can be shown when the job is going to start (either from inside or outside the thread) and can be stopped upon the completion event fires.

The .ShowWaitForm from SplashScreenManager just shows the form. How can I make the form discard window messages while waiting?

Eg: I don't want the user to be able to click buttons and stuff while waiting.

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As far as I know current implementation of the WaitForm does not allow it to be displayed as a dialog. I have found a suggestion to provide this functionality: SplashScreenManager - Provide the capability to display WaitForm as a modal dialog. Thus you can track it.

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You can use like this ;

your code
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