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I have the following code.

        public function get_users_theme($uid)
                    $r = $this->db2->query('SELECT * FROM users_theme WHERE user_id="'.$uid.'" LIMIT 1', FALSE);
                    if ($this->db2->num_rows($r) > 0) {
                            $o->user_theme = new stdClass();
                            $ut = $this->db2->fetch_object($r);
                            foreach($ut as $l=>$s) {
                                    $o->user_theme->$l  = stripslashes($s);
                            return $o->user_theme;
                    } else {
                            return FALSE;

It appears that line 5 are producing the following error:

Strict standards: Creating default object from empty value

How Can I Fix That ?


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$o has not been declared when you start to use it as an object, so just make it an stdClass object beforehand:

$o = new stdClass();
$o->user_theme = new stdClass();

Or, even better, replace $o->user_theme everywhere in that function with $user_theme - since your code doesn't seem to require a special object a normal variable will be sufficient.

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