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I need help to play video with one extension at all platforms, for example FLV is running under WIN but not under MAC, so I have to upload FLV and Generate an other Video file with MP4 extension using FFMPEG encoder .. is there any solution to play video with one extension at all platforms ? regards.

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You can't.

There is no one-size-fits-all video codec for all platforms.

That said, you can go for a lowest common denominator that will cover most platforms.

  • h264 video
  • mp3 audio
  • baseline 3.0

For the most part, if you really want to distribute video to all platforms you'll need to do multiple encodings of the source video. FLV is particularly a bad choice, unless you are only interested in playing the video in Flash-based players.

BTW: Your question would be easier to answer with more specifics if you defined the "platforms" you are targeting, the use case, codec parameters/details, etc.

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