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i am at the finish of my very first javascript and have been able to get everything working except one last bug. i have this script that calls for an overlay to display full preview of images, and a button to zoom-in/out and a button to go back. the trouble is when i first view the full image, the zoom in/out toggle works fine. but when i go back to the thumbnails and launch another image, the zoom-in/out does not work.

let me also explain the DOM tree:

may be some code would help my case...can anyone tell me what i may be doing wrong here.

//enables the zoom-in/zoom-out toggle function
    	$('#Zoom').toggle(function() {
        		iconZ.setAttribute("src", "nav/nav-zoom-out.gif");
    	    function() {
    	    	img.setAttribute("height", "270px");
                { "left": $("#draggable").data("Left"), "top": $("#draggable").data("Top")}, "slow");
    		    iconZ.setAttribute("src", "nav/nav-zoom.gif");

    	//navigates back to the thumbnails
    	home.addEventListener('click', function() {


    		, false);
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You are destroying what looks like the sections of the page you are putting the images in. I think you mean to hide them only.

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