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listValue attribute of the tag is used to specify the label that should display to user when selecting that option.

Example -

<s:select name="user" list='users' listValue="username" listKey="userId"
label="Select an User" />

Is it possible to do the same when enumerating the list with an OGNL literal?

<s:select name="distance" cssClass="textBoxStyle" headerValue="Select Distance"
 headerKey="" list="{'1 Km', '2 Km', '3 Km', '5 Km', '8 Km', '12 Km', '20 Km'}" />

I want the 1Km to be displayed to the user and integer 1 not string 1Km to be submitted with the form.

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Instead of using a raw array like the one you have coded, you should consider getting a Map from the Action which lies behind this view. In that case, the Map in the Action will look like:

Map<String, Integer> myMap = new HashMap<>();
myMap.put("1 Km", 1);

and the code in the view will be:

<s:select name="distance" cssClass="textBoxStyle" headerValue="Select Distance"
    headerKey="" list="myMap" />

with the keys of the map being viewed as labels, and the values as the option bodies.

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You'd need to use the listKey and listValue attributes, and build an actual list of objects.

Technically you could probably do some perverse OGNL, and you could certainly do it via JavaScript and a hidden field pre-submit, but as the other answer states, you're better off doing it in the Java layer rather than the view layer.

I disagree with the other answer in that a list of objects seems more communicative, and easy to build, but from a technical standpoint there's no difference in this case, so it's more a matter of opinion.

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