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I have an issue with my Robotium tests. On one of my Activity A, I am clicking on a button. Clicking on this button launches another activity B. So in my robotium test I have something like this :

Button myBtn = (Button) solo.getView(;

so after this action, the emulator is automatically launching activity B. Now, the problem is that I do not have any possibility of going back to the activity under test (A) in the code.

Can you please tell me how to avoid getting jailed in the activity B when clicking on the button that trigger its launch ? In other words, is it possible to go back to the activity under test ?

FYI : I need to go back to the activity under test because there are other test methods waiting to be fired.

thanks in advance,

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Please try methods like


to click on your button You can also try


To go back to activity you can use



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Doesn't work for an activity which is not under test, for instance if there is a button which opens a browser non of the following methods return to the previous activity – Kirill Kulakov Feb 10 '13 at 12:11

Once you call any activity outside your application, it’s not possible to come back to your application using solo.<any API>, because solo is tight to UID of your application and doesn't work on other app's activity (with different UID).

Basically solo can only work on activities which belong to the application for which it’s created.

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