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http://docs.dotcloud.com/guides/daemons/ states:

Configuring The Environment
You can easily modify the environment of execution of your daemon with the “directory” and “environment” directives to change the directory where the command is executed and to define additional environment variable. For example:

command = php my_daemon.php
directory = /home/dotcloud/current/
environment = QUEUE=*, VERBOSE=TRUE

However, I'm finding my PYTHONPATH environment variable is not being set:


  type: python
  type: postgresql
  type: python-worker




#! /home/dotcloud/env/bin/python
import os
print os.environ

the logs:

    {'SUPERVISOR_ENABLED': '1', 'SUPERVISOR_SERVER_URL': 'unix:///var/dotcloud/super
    visor.sock', 'VERBOSE': 'no', 'UPSTART_INSTANCE': '', 'PYTHONPATH': '/', 'PREVLE
    VEL': 'N', 'UPSTART_EVENTS': 'runlevel', '/': '/', 'SUPERVISOR_PROCESS_NAME': 'a
    pnsd', 'UPSTART_JOB': 'rc', 'PWD': '/', 'SUPERVISOR_GROUP_NAME': 'apnsd', 'RUNLE
    VEL': '2', 'PATH': '/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin
    ', 'runlevel': '2', 'previous': 'N'}

Do not show a modified python variable!

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There is a bug in Supervisor; some variables (like those containing a /) have to be quoted.

In that case, you need:

environment= PYTHONPATH="/home/dotcloud/current/apnsd/"

(The space in = PYTHONPATH is not mandatory, it's just to make the file slightly more readable; the quotes around the value of PYTHONPATH are, however, required!)

I will update dotCloud's documentation to mention this issue.

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Thanks - I also just found that if you quote the directory variable, then Supervisor will exit with a ENOENT error: couldn't chdir to "/home/dotcloud/current/apnsd": ENOENT. So this may be related as well. Now having a different problem, but that's a topic for another post. –  Taras May 19 '12 at 3:18

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