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Does SQL Developer have enough features to support the daily jobs for an Oracle DBA? Compared to TOAD, what is missing ?

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SQL developer can do the job for a developer but still has it's share of quirks.

  • I found that the connection screen would not display if the file path it is installed in contains a space. (Windows XP, SQL Developer Version 3.1.07).
  • I had it installed for someone to do data updates and they got the "Data committed in another session". This bug has been around since version 1 and is easily resolved by fiddling with the settings but it's unfortunate to see in what should be a mature product.

It also lacks some of the tools DBA's use to maintain the health such as:

  • tablespace visualizer
  • extent management
  • pinning code (if you still need to do that)

I like the Toad option to compare database schemas or find an object that is named or contains a text string.

You can't beat a free tool, and one that is constantly being added to. Toad benefits from many more years of development.

Edit: it can analyze indexes and copy a table. thanks @Phil!

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> copy a table to another schema with or without data You can do that. Right-click on the table in the tree and click copy. It gives you a dropdown for the schema. > analyze indexes Right-click, compute statistics –  FreshPhilOfSO May 18 '12 at 14:42
a professional DBA administers his Oracle with sqlplus. The sqlplus-way is part of the OracleCertification. –  int2000 May 18 '12 at 15:03
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SQL Developer and Toad play in 2 different domains.

SQL Developer is a development tool and Toad is a more of a DBA's tool (at least it started as so). SQL Navigator is the equivalent to SQL Developer from Quest. Still both the tools have cross-functional features.

Yes, SQL Developer is still young it'll add more features with the time.

But right at the moment, Toad is better in functionality/ performance/ feature set/ usability etc...

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