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I need a routine to randomly select records from ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode). Any advice to get me started on this task?

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Use a DirectorySearcher filter with (objectClass=user) and pick a result at random might work. Something like ...

private static Random rnd = new Random();

private static DirectoryEntry GetRandomUser()
    DirectoryEntry luckyGuy;
    var de = new DirectoryEntry(/*conn string*/);
    de.Username = /* your user */;
    de.Password = /* your pass */;

    // error handling and try-catch removed for clarity and brevity
    var s = new DirectorySearcher( de );
    s.Filter = "(objectClass=user)";
    var res = s.FindAll();

    if( res.Count > 0 )
      var idex = rnd.Next(0, res.Count);
      luckyGuy = res[idex].GetDirectoryEntry();

    return luckyGuy;

Here's more on DirectorySearcher.

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How would you randomly pick a result from the collection? –  Jeff Jun 30 '09 at 21:20

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