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I am using Flowplayer for one of my audio based website. Now I am loading the playlist clips and playing them straight away using the following code :

function load_clips() {
        type : 'GET',
        url : 'category_details/playlistXml',
        dataType : "xml",
        success : function(response) {
            old_len = playlist_songs.length;
            $(response).find("song_details").each(function() {
                var song_name = "files/" + $(this).find("song_name").text();
                var song_id = $(this).find("song_id").text();
                var cat_id = $(this).find("category_id").text();
                var album_id = $(this).find("album_id").text();
                var category_id = $(this).find("category_id").text();
                    url : song_name,
                    id : song_id,
                    cat_id : cat_id,
            if (old_len == 0) {

So it is passed though the play function and it is playing the clip using the following code :

function play_clip(id) {

But now I need to change this function and what I need is , the playlist has to be loaded to the player but it will play only after clicking the play button of the player. You can find my implementation at

It will be great help if some one can give some sugestions

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any suggestions..? – Happy Coder Jun 7 '12 at 5:05

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