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In a form that I'm building, I have textareas which will include a nice amount of text, with line breaks included, such as:

Sentence one

Sentence two

I am posting this to my form by using htmlentities, ex:

. htmlentities($_POST['textarea']) .

This however, produces the following in the email (HTML email) that gets sent by the form:

Sentence one Sentence two

Is there anyway to preserve line breaks with htmlentities?

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Is the mail plain-text or html? If it’s html, \n won’t do anything, you will have to call nl2br() to transform line breaks into <br>. – Jérôme Mahuet May 18 '12 at 14:53
HTML, I'll add that bit of info to the post. – Charlie May 18 '12 at 14:54
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Use nl2br() which converts \n to <br />:

. nl2br(htmlentities($_POST['textarea'])) .
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No, it isn't possible. If you want a line break in an HTML document then you have to use either a display: block (and friends) element, a line break element (<br>) or a white-space: pre element.

You can generate <br> elements using PHP with the nl2br function.

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