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PART 1: I need to create a loop for a set of array variables

for ($cnt=1; $cnt<=$qty; $cnt++) {
      $firstvar.$cnt['Code'] = '02';
      $secondvar.$cnt['Type'] = $somevar;
      $thirdvar.$cnt['Code'] = 'IN';

// with a result of

      $firstvar1['Code'] = '02';
      $secondvar1['Type'] = $somevar;
      $thirdvar1['Code'] = 'IN';

      $firstvar2['Code'] = '02';
      $secondvar2['Type'] = $somevar;
      $thirdvar2['Code'] = 'IN';  


However, the parsing of the $cnt variable seems to be conflicting with the array.

PART 2: I then need to create an array of variables like so:

  $lastvar['Thing'] = array( $thirdvar1, $thirdvar2, ... $thirdvar.$qty );

Here, creating a simple string using a for loop and placing it in the array doesn't work.


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PART 1: $firstvar.$cnt['Code'] should be ${"firstvar$cnt"}['Code'] (or ${'firstvar'.$cnt}['Code']).


for ($cnt=1; $cnt<=$qty; $cnt++) {
    $lastvar['Thing'][] = ${'thirdvar'.$qty};

PART 3: (mine!)
Put everything in the same loop:

for ($cnt=1; $cnt<=$qty; $cnt++) {
  ${'firstvar'.$cnt}['Code']  = 02;
  ${'secondvar'.$cnt}['Type'] = $somevar;
  ${'thirdvar'.$cnt}['Code']  = 'IN';
  $lastvar['Thing'][]         = ${thirdvar$qty};


Keep in mind that this code would be cleaner if you use arrays instead of variables names concatenation.

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This worked for me. I put it all in the same loop per your suggestion. THANK YOU!! –  dsWebster May 18 '12 at 18:44
Thanks, Sammy! That was my first question here. Thanks to you and all who share their knowledge here. This is awesome! –  dsWebster May 21 '12 at 14:28

Why not directly do everything?

foreach ($cnt as $c) {
    $firstvar[$c['Code']] = 02;
    $secondvar[$c['Type']] = $somevar;
    $lastvar['Thing'][] = 'IN';
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$somevar = "testValue";
$qty = 5;
$lastvar['Thing'] = array();
for($cnt=1; $cnt<=$qty; $cnt++) 
    ${"firstvar$cnt"} = array('Code' => '02', 'Type' => $someVar, "Code" => "IN");
    $lastvar['Thing'][] = ${"firstvar$cnt"};


should work.

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