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I cant get the StructureMap IAssemblyScanner.ConnectImplementationsToTypesClosing method to pickup my implementations.

Specifically, given following definition (lifted from Mass Transit),

public class Consumes<TMessage> where TMessage : class
    public Consumes();

    public static Consumes<TMessage>.Selected Null { get; }

    public interface All : IConsumer
        void Consume(TMessage message);

I have multiple implementations of Consumes<TMessage>.All declared as follows,

class TrendReportRequestConsumer : Consumes<TrendReportRequest>.All
{ ...

class CountReportRequestConsumer : Consumes<CountReportRequest>.All
{ ... 

If I setup structuremap using,

Scan(scan =>

It doesnt work BUT if I add the implementations explicitly


It works.

Is my understanding of an open generic type faulty ??? ie. Consumes<TMessage>.All is an interface definition in a generic class so does this make it an open generic type?

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