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I know you're able to do some simple math in Sass/Scss. But is there a way to subtract pixels from percentages? For example:

$image-size: 200px;

.bio {
    width: 100% - $image-size;
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I don't see how that would even work, fact is SASS can't magically know the size your box will have.

Now if I get what you're trying to do, best solution would be to wrap .box's parent width into a variable and then substract your image width to that variable - considering 100% width means it will get 100% of a certain width.

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calc() is the magic that sass was missing. This answer is no longer correct. – Seth Battin Aug 19 '14 at 15:21
@SethBattin To say that the answer is "no longer correct" is not entirely true: Sass cannot subtract pixels from percentages/em/rem/vh/vw/etc. calc() is a feature of CSS, not Sass. – cimmanon Aug 19 '14 at 15:43
@cimmanon It's an unhelpful distinction to make, to stress that sass cannot do a thing, when the the goal is to implement that thing in css. Using sass is just an extra complexity to the styling, and Aperçu's answer deals with that complexity. – Seth Battin Aug 19 '14 at 15:58
@SethBattin It is an important distinction to make, especially if the goal is to store the value into a variable for further calculations (not a requirement in the OP's case, but this question and its answers aren't just for the OP). I did not say that Aperçu's answer is incorrect, just that your statement is not entirely true or accurate. I do agree, however, that this answer is incomplete – cimmanon Aug 19 '14 at 16:07

You can use the calc() function to get what you want. It's experimental but still pretty good supported by the different browsers.

With Sass, you can create a calc mixin to get this working on more browser versions with the-webkit and -moz prefixes (no need of the Opera one):

@mixin calc($key, $value) {
  #{$key}: -webkit-calc(#{$value});
  #{$key}: -moz-calc(#{$value});
  #{$key}: calc(#{$value});

And call it with something like:

.bio {
  @include calc("width", "100% - #{$image-size}");
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