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Firstly let me say that i'm not that familiar with jenkins. We currently have jenkins setup to run a nightly build set of QTP tests and collect the results.

My question is how do I export these results to QC? Please note: I do not wish to run the tests through jenkins, just export the results.

Thanks in advance.

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I am not exactly sure what your question is, so I'll start with a suggestion and then you can clarify what you mean:

Make your tests generate jUnit test reports (if they already don't do that). Publish those reports with Jenkins Publish JUnit test result report post-build step. Then QC can view the results for any build via a link on the build page ('Test Result') or the latest successful build via the job page ('Latest Test Result').

You can also notify them via e-mail after every build that new results are available, and even provide them with a link to those results in that e-mail (that can be done via Email-ext plugin).

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Depending on what your test engine is, the xUnit Plugin might be useful. –  jwernerny May 21 '12 at 13:01

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