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Assuming some xml like


Evaluating an expression with returnType = String like


will return "test". However, I'd like to get the serialized xml instead, so something like


should be returned instead. As I can not check for the returnType in java's xpath implementation (xerces), I cannot simply get an object as result and if it indeed is a node, convert it to serialized xml.

Note: I don't know whether the expression will actually return a node, a string, a number or whatever so I cannot provide an appropriate return type to the eval function except string which, as my problem states, returns the text content and not the serialized xml.

So I am curious -> is there either a java- or (preferred) a xpath-way (function?) to get serialized xml for type string instead of the text children of the selected node?

thanks! Alex

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use the xpath return type XPathConstants.NODE and then you can serialize the returned Node yourself.

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thanks, however I don't know whether the expression returns a node or something else. Edited my original posting to make it more clear. –  anderswelt May 18 '12 at 15:55

Now, you are right to observe that it's difficult to discover the return type of the result; this is a real design weakness of JAXP.

If it's a problem to you, consider using Saxon's s9api interface, which returns XdmValue objects whose type you can interrogate; you also get XPath 2.0 access as a bonus.

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