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I want to extend the WindowBuilder Pro Eclipse plugin to add others wizards to create Swing components.

I mean, in the same manner as you can do in Eclipse: File -> New -> Other -> WindowBuilder -> Swing Designer, and select JDialog, I need to extend the plugin to add more wizards entries, such as "MyPersonalViewDialog" for example.

I've been searching and reading about WindowBuilder Pro but I've only found documentation about how to extend WindowBuilder to support new components for palette. I read the next documentation without find anything about others extension points:

Does anyone know if exist some documentation about WindowBuilder extension points or which concrete extension point I'd need to do this?

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Here guide from google for Extending Window builder for new Components

Hope it is helpful

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Thanks, but I've already read that tutorial. I wrote it in my question (link…) – Sergio Trapiello May 21 '12 at 8:39

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