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I am building a time registration program. Users can work on a project, and I want to display in a chart how many hours each user worked on a project, let's say, each month. The chart plugin works like this:

first_serie =

This adds a new line in the graph.

My question is how can I loop through all my users and for each fill a new series with data from the database?

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As a follow up to Pesto would be nicer to use inject.

@series = User.all.inject([]) do |mem, user|
  mem <<,, user.foobarbob)

Same code, just doesnt have a @series = []

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I have no idea how you generate all the data for, but you can get started using this:

@series = []
users = User.find(:all)
users.each do |user|
  @series <<, blah, blah)

This will add all of the added Serie objects to an array.

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Thank you very much for insight this makes things clear... @series.each do |serie| bar_graph.add_serie(serie) end –  arcooverbeek Jun 30 '09 at 21:48

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