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My failed attempt is at

I'm trying to make a web app page that displays the following page, regardless of screen size.

[ Image ]
[img][img][img] <-- This row should be scrollable <-> (draggable)

  • The toolbar is the jquery mobile one.
  • The image should be 67% of the remaining height and 100% width.
  • The imgs should be 50% width of the page and be the remaining height. (Two whole images equivalent shown at any given time.)
  • Any number of imgs >2.
    (All images will be anchors, but this is beyond the scope of the question.)

The page should be seamless; i.e. no gaps between elements.

Answer is demonstration or explanation of implementation of described page.

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in your HTML line break would be interpreted as a space if your elements are inline-block. in order to remove this gap you need to add font-size:0. As a side effect this requires you to provide provide font-size for elements that actually contain text. (otherwise they won't show any text). in CSS3 you can use font-size:1rem to set the font-size to the one of body (root).

for the bottom scroller, you don't need to specify width, instead you need white-space:nowrap so your elements appear on same row.

see edited example:

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The document still exceeds the screen, resulting in scrolling needed. – user1277170 May 18 '12 at 17:14

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