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I'm using mocha to write unit tests for a nodejs+mongodb web application. There are many test files there need to operate mongodb.

So I want to open a connection before all tests running, and close it after all tests, but I don't know how to do it.

At present, I create a file dbtest_global.js, which has such code:

before(function(done) {
    console.log('before all');
    global.connection = openMongoDB();

after(function(done) {

Then in other tests, I use require('./dbtest_global') to require it.

But I found when running mocha, the before method will be invoked multi-times, which makes the global.connection changed many times.

I wonder is there any way to let the before and after methods only be invoked exactly one time when running mocha?

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Maybe the behaviour has changed since you asked this question, but if that is the entirety of dbtest_global.js, that before should only be executed only once. Basically the same as the solution answered here: stackoverflow.com/a/16321613/227578, and from a quick test, seems to work. –  dule Jun 11 '14 at 21:01

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Have you tried to use a plain global condition variable, that ensures that the before function immediately returns, if the variable has already been set?

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Try this out mongodb helpers for mocha - https://github.com/arunoda/mocha-mongo

It creates db connection for you and clean the collections before the test.

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