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I wish to change the boolean attribute of my Task resource depending on wether checkbox is checked or not. I am stuck as I don't know what to do... I have everything before adding this AJAX checkbox working, whole CRUD, everything tested with rspec and capybara and bootstrapped. I have the following code...


 27      <%= form_for [@project, @task], :remote => true do |f| %>
 28        <%= f.label :completed %>       
 29        <%= f.check_box :completed %>
 30      <% end %>

This :completed is the boolean attribute of the Task.


  8 jQuery ->
  9   $('#task_completed').bind 'change', (event) =>
 10     $.post()

Dont know how to finish this $.post() thing and how to make code in the controller work... So far I only have this...


 1 class TasksController < ApplicationController
  3   before_filter :authenticate_user!
  4   before_filter :find_project_from_project_id
  5   before_filter :find_task, :only => [:show, :edit, :update]
  7   def show
  8     @title = @task.name
  9   end
 11   def new
 12     @title = 'New task'
 13     @task = @project.tasks.build
 14   end
 16   def create
 17     @task = @project.tasks.build(params[:task])
 18     if @task.save
 19       current_user.tasks.push(@task)
 20       redirect_to [@project, @task], :notice => 'Task created'
 21     else
 22       render 'new'
 23       flash.now[:alert] = 'Task not created'
 24     end
 25   end 
 27   def edit 
 28     @title = 'Edit task'
 29   end 
 31   def update
 32     if @task.update_attributes(params[:task])
 33       redirect_to [@project, @task], :notice => 'Task updated'
 34     else
 35       render 'edit'
 36       flash.now[:alert] = 'Task not updated'
 37     end
 38   end 
 40   private
 41   #controller doesn't respond to these methods as actions
 43   def find_project_from_project_id
 44     @project = current_user.projects.find(params[:project_id])
 45     rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
 46       redirect_to projects_path
 47       flash[:alert] = 'Project you were looking for could not be found'
 48   end
 50   def find_task
 51     @task = @project.tasks.find(params[:id])
 52     rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
 53       redirect_to project_path(@project)
 54       flash[:alert] = 'Task you were looking for could not be found'
 55   end
 57 end

Also, for those who want more... How to write tests for this thing? And should I write them at all for this?

EDIT: Upon research, I found people are doing it like this... Is this the way to go? Upon inspecting element I can see new requests are being made when i change the checkbox, but the boolean still remains false...

  8 jQuery ->
  9   $('#task_completed').bind 'change', (event) =>
 10     $('#task_completed').parents('form:first').submit()
 11     $('.task_headline').toggleClass('completed_task')
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This is not an elegant solution in so many ways, but it works :)




window.monitorTaskCompletion = (project_id, task_id)  ->
    jQuery ->
      $('#task_completed').bind 'change', (event) =>
          url: "/projects/#{project_id}/tasks/#{task_id}/complete"
          data: {completed: if $('#task_completed').is(':checked') then 1 else 0}
          type: "PUT"


def complete
  @completed = params[:completed].to_i > 0
  respond_to :js
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You are not providing the attributes to the $.post action.

Try to make something like this:

$('#task_completed').bind('change', function() {
    var url = $(this).closest('form').attr('action');
    var data = {};
    data.task = {};
    data.task.completed = $(this).is(':checked'); 
        url: url,
        data: data

This will make the functionality you need, as you explained me over the IRC room. As checkboxes values are only sent if the checkbox is checked, we have to set a custom boolean value whether the checkbox is checked or not (achieved by the $(this).is(':checked') function).

Inspected the ajax request using Firebug or the Chrome/Opera/Safari inspector. You could add more functionalities in the $.post function, like a function to the the complete event. Take a look into the jQuery documentation about ajax and the $.post function:



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thanks for help. however, it returns this > Bad Request bad URI `/projects/1/tasks/[object%20Object]'. WEBrick/1.3.1 (Ruby/1.9.3/2012-02-16) at laptop:3000 –  oFca May 19 '12 at 17:37
so I presume I need to pass in the tasks id? if so, how to do that? –  oFca May 19 '12 at 17:38
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Since this is an ajax action, you need to handle it differently in the controller than you normally would.

def update
  if @task.update_attributes(params[:task])
    @notice = 'Task updated'
    @notice = 'Task not updated'

And in a update.js.erb view, something like:

$(#notice).html('<%= @notice %>')

In the jquery .post(), you also really should specify the url and include the data parameter, as suggested earlier.

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