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Wondering what are tools out there and which is better to use in GUI development that supports ARM and X86 arch applications.

thanks in advance, T3nG

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The Qt framework should work well for this.

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The link above probably has to be updated to – CPlusPlus OOA and D May 21 '14 at 18:06

Take a look on the Qt Creator IDE. It's has free(LGPL) version.

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OpenMoko Freerunner¹ is ARM-based and it runs Qtopia/QtE, GTK and E17 UI stacks. All of them are also supported on x86. GTK is Cairo-based and I heard (not sure) that it uses lots of floating-point calculations though, so ARM with GTK might not be very fast.


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you can use olso GTK with ruby or C. much easier than swing

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Maemo drives Nokia's internet tablets, which are ARM based.

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Depending on the power of your device...

The biggest now could be:

or if you have devices with much less capabilities, you can try simpler things like

Of course, if your device is a mobile-like, you can also consider using Android ... who knows...

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