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So my dom generates divs <div id="test">random text goes here</div> is it possible to jquery insert a span tag inside of this div like: <div id="test"><span>random text goes here</span></div>

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Try using wrapInner function like below,

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You're looking for the wrapInner() method.

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use $.wrapInner like this

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Or if you want total control over your inner stuff (like you also want to make some modifications in your method) you can use it this way:

$("div#test").append(function () {
    //you can refer to the object you are making modifications in as 'this'
    var txt = $(this).text();
    //do your modifications for the 'txt' if needed
    //finally use return statement to return the value or
    //object you need to the original append function
    //$("<span>") creates a span html element
    return $("<span>").text(txt);

This question has been answered by many guy with wrapInner() method, I just wanted to show you how you how you can make some 'magic" inside the function

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Absolutely, check out $.wrapInner():

Wrapping Element

/* Wrap an HTML structure around the content of each matched element */

Callback Function

Alternatively, you can use a anonymous function to gain a bit more control:

$("#test").wrapInner(function() {
  return '<span class="' + this.id + '" />';

Which would apply the id values as a class name:

<div id="test">
  <span class="test">random text goes here</span>
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As answered by others you can use wrapInner. Otherwise you can do it just by using html method


fiddle : http://jsfiddle.net/zcg9B/

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