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I have a bit of a weird bug on a website I'm working on. I have multiple themes configured in the Forms Folders in Web Forms For Marketers. No matter what theme or color I select, all of my forms use the theme and color selected for the Website folder. I tested this with a clean install and it worked fine, this is a bug on my specific website.

Here's what I'm working with:

  • CMS 6.5.0 rev. 120427
  • DMS 2.0.1 rev.120427
  • Web Forms for Marketers-2.3.0 rev. 120216

Any ideas?

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This is by design. From Sitecore Support, when I raised the same issue a while back:

Edited by Alexander Yaremenko on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 2:10 PM

Hi Mark,

This is expected behavior. The Theme and Color defined for all forms for the current site. If you run site (For example Site1) all web forms will have themes from forms folder that defined in formsRoot attribute for current site instead of theme from forms folder that stored this form.

I have registered a wish that we can change this behavior in future.

I can't find the easier way to change this behavior now. I see only one workaround: Create you custom control which will be insert link to needed .css on the page. Note: the link to your .css should be defined below then standard .css.

The Sitecore Support case reference is 336904.

In essence, WFFM assumes themes to be "per site", not multiple themes in the same site.

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